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Education for me is “educare” which means to nourish children in such a way that their best can bring out and they develop into confident and responsible Human Being for the Nature and Society as well.
The real goal of education is full flowering of young minds by making them experience the significance of love, fellowship, freedom, justice and harmony.
Every child is unique, with unimaginable possibilities we have to make an effort to go beyond schooling to learning and take on the challenge of preparing every child to play different roles in his/her life.
I believe in Interactive teaching and in those methods and measures which can motivate children to adopt different subject aspects with their day to-day life in order to inculcate Application and Advanced attitude among the. Our real success and happiness is to make good human beings with love and care so that their learning becomes a “lifetime joy” for them. Dreams followed with total commitment and passion will lead to milestone in days and years to come.

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